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Best Glamping Tents in USA

A tent is one of the biggest purchases an outdoor enthusiast can make. Our tents protects you in all kinds of weather, allowing you to make memories without any concerns or worries. We understand how this is an hefty investment and offer myriad different options in canvas tents for those who love the great outdoors, but prefer not to give up all the comforts of home. Our high performance canvas bell tents and wall tents are durable, sturdy, easy to set up, spacious, properly ventilated and can withstand the test of time and all weather conditions. while not totally derailing your finances. Our complete range of glamping tents is the perfect coming together of outstanding designing innovation, superior quality materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. We ensure that you have the money to spend on all the glamping must haves, glamping supplies and glamping accessories.


Size is crucial. Our selection of different sizes and capacity gives you a wide range of quality products; whether your next adventure is alone or with the whole crew. Our Avalon Bell Tent and Alpha Wall Tent sizes are large enough to accommodate 2 to 10 people all under the same roof. So plan intelligently and make sure you have the right sized tent, a tent that allows you to reconnect in the best possible way. We want to ensure you have enough space for your glamping furniture, glamping gear and whatever else you need on this adventure.

Fabric- Why Breathable Cotton Canvas is our material of choice

We use traditional 100% breathable cotton canvas fabric that enables our products to be both comfortable and long lasting. Furthermore, cotton is breathable and insulates extremely well; by reducing condensation inside the tent and hence providing protection in all weather conditions. We always use breathable finishes that protects your canvas tent from color fastness, mold or mildew and harmful UV rays.

Easy Setup:

Nobody wants to waste their camp time setting up. That is why all of our canvas tents are easy to pitch, take down and easy to transport. Our videos will show you how to make your glamping tent, set it up adequately and ensure that everything is smooth while you enjoy. Glamping in a canvas tent has never been more simple!

Spacious and Super Ventilated

We have strategically placed windows and air vents to keep you protected in every weather condition. Our Alpha Wall Tents have durable 3-layer storm large triangular distinctive windows and.Avalon Bell tents have windows on each panel and vents with an option of fully functional roll up side walls providing you with a multi-functional feature which is easy to convert to customize your set up depending on your preferences.

4 Season Performance:

A quality glamping tent should be equipped to handle desert heat, strong gusts of wind, heavy snow and rainy evenings. If you are looking to camp in mild conditions, we would recommend our competitively priced Regatta Bell Tents. On the other hand our Avalon Bell Tents are designed as 3 season products whilst Alpha Wall tents are sturdy through all 4 seasons.

24/7 Bug Protection

Don't spend your outdoor glamping trips worried about bugs, critters, illnesses or viruses. The protective mesh will allow you to open the tent for a breeze or a clear view without worrying about bugs or mosquitoes so you can enjoy the view without a worry in the world.

Stove Compatibility

To keep warm when glamping at cooler times of year, we typically rely on blankets, good clothing, and high end sleeping bags. We provide you with a cost effective alternative; our or camp stove is perfect for keeping you warm, as well as cooking during your glamping adventure. This should be an essential for your trip. Glamping stoves are easily compatible with our tents so you have the complete experience while you reconnect with the outdoors.

Durable Zippers:

When it comes to glamping, the quality of the tent zippers cannot be compromised. Without a repair kit and replacement zipper on hand, the glampers can be in for a very wet, cold, and windy night, which is the exact opposite of what you need. We use military grade top quality zippers in all of our canvas tent range that won't tarnish in time.


The exceptional design and unique characteristics of our glamping tents will provide great tents to:

  • Glamping Organizations and Site Owners
  • Hunting Organizations/Associations
  • Luxury/Yoga/Music/Yoga/Wellness/Spa/Spiritual/Writer/Military Retreats
  • Boy Scout Associations
  • Event Planning Companies for Outdoor Events, Music Festivals, Weddings, Backyard Fun Parties
  • Niche lodging and outdoor lifestyles
  • Film Set/Production Coordinator

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Not sure which tent to buy? Contact us for any questions/comments or suggestions. We can provide discounts for businesses, new customers and bulk purchasing.

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